The majestic Drakensberg is a mountain of contrasts - from stark towering peaks rising up to over 3000 metres to gentle, rolling foothills that create a sea of green. The Drakensberg or "Dragon Mountain" was first called uKhahlamba by the Zulu meaning "barrier of spears". Craggy peaks, sheer cliffs, tumbling streams and crystal clear rock pools combine to create an outdoor haven. This is a place of crisp mountain air and natural beauty at its best.
The Drakensberg range follows the South African escarpment for some 180 kilometres - seperating the high lying interior from the low-lying coastal region and creating a divider between Kwazulu-Natal and Lesotho. The Drakensberg region is one of great scenic beauty and offers an abundance of of flora and fauna - as well as being a birders delight.
The soaring peaks of the Drakensberg are the second highest south of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Popular attractions include the Amphitheatre, Giant's Peak and Cathedral Peak in the north and the Sani Pass in the south. Also in the north is Mont-Aux-Sources - the source of the Tugela river - which cascades down a series of cliffs to create the spectacular Tugela Falls.

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